New York construction attorney & Real Estate Lawyers

Rich, Intelisano, and Katz draw from many years of involvement in creating techniques to successfully speak to its development customers in a case in both the State and Federal Court frameworks, and an intervention. Our accomplished group is interestingly qualified in the act of development case and discretion, giving customers dependable, individual administration.

New York construction attorney
New York construction attorney

The Firm, serves its development customers all through all periods of prosecution, from the underlying case assessment to intervention, mediation or preliminary, and advance. We perceive that early goals of a debate are desirable over maintain a strategic distance from cost and disturbance of business, and where conceivable, the Firm endeavors to determine question through casual methods or progressively formal intervention and assertion. Where suit is unavoidable, Rich, Intelisano, and Katz forcefully advocate for its development customers by expanding the probability of positive results while limiting legitimate expenses.

Rich, Intelisano, and Katz have broad involvement in the case, assertion, and intercession of both open and private business and private development question, including sophisticated, exceptionally specialized development and contracts debate. Our lawyers speak to the full exhibit of members in the development procedure on a wide range of issues identified with development question, including:

  • Representation in preliminaries advances interventions discretion procedures contract duty judgments and debarments
  • Complex development suit
  • Construction surrenders
  • Bid dissents and other obtainment question
  • Consultation on cases and guarantee evasion methods
  • Establishment of stable hostile and protective positions was fully expecting contested cases
  • Development of imaginative exchange procedures to guarantee venture finish and limit claims presentation
  • Article 78 procedures
  • Consultation on occupation related issues exercises liens and default circumstances
  • Assistance in determination and supervision of outside specialized experts to assess claims
  • Contract defaults and terminations
  • Errors and exclusions
  • Delay disturbance and wastefulness claims
  • The scope of administrations and expense claims
  • Disputes between and among contractual workers and subcontractors
  • Mechanics liens and dispossessions
  • Insurance inclusion and guarantee debate
  • Design assemble contract question
  • Surety installment and execution bond claims
  • Property harm
  • Administrative interests on open undertakings
New York construction attorney
New York construction attorney

New York construction attorney speaks to abnormal state workers in the money related administrations industry in the debate with firms and examinations independent from anyone else administrative associations we have talked to senior officials brokers budgetary consultants venture investors portfolio administrators fence stock investments directors private value accomplices examiners private financiers speculation counsels institutional salespersons and top dimension back office workforce we help some top of the line monetary counsels and private riches guides progress starting with one firm then onto the next