What is CO2 Jet Hire | Newtone Entertainment Equipment’s

Shoot your event into another period of enhancements with the CO2 Jet! With its adrenaline siphoning commotion and sensational enhanced visualizations, it’s obvious to perceive any reason why this is a standout amongst our most great embellishments.

CO2 jet hire
CO2 jet hire

From dance club and TV studios to various impacts everywhere celebration event’s, CO2 Jets are adaptable and can be effectively connected to any stage or gear. Securely anchored at any edge, they can be utilized to make a various visual effect on any occasion. Or on the other hand, when the warmth is rising, creating a cooling impact with blasts into the group to renew your gathering of people in sensational style.

With CO2 Jet contract we can furnish you with qualified professionals whenever required to guarantee that your occasion runs securely and on prompt.CO2 Jets are an impact that everybody adores in front of an audience, at a celebration, in a club, or just to chill off an incredible night. They just are a standout amongst the most breathtaking impacts cash can purchase.

We see precisely that it is so vital to get the correct CO2 hardware, so we currently supply our contract CO2 Jets from ForceFX which we trust, pound for pound, to be the best available. As standard, we can likewise provide top quality control apparatus, hoses and CO2 chamber connectors. All that you have to utilize CO2 Jets hire on your event’s!

On the off chance that you are hoping to contract only CO2 Jet heads we can do that, similarly on the off chance that you have a particular arrangement of hose and link lengths you require to connect with us for a bespoke contract quote we don’t just offer settled units!

Co² has turned into an amazingly mainstream impact especially in the club and move scene. Numerous preparations and stage demonstrate presently utilizing Co² has implications because of the moment wow factor which can be made. Not exclusively does the effect look terrific yet, also, builds the bodies faculties through sound and feeling.

Co2 Jets are boisterous, astounding and make a prompt air and enthusiasm for any gathering of people. This impact likewise has the additional advantage of diminishing room temperatures by 25 degrees making the group of people increasingly agreeable and by and large more secure. We can offer different cryogenic frameworks relying upon the impact you need to accomplish.

CO2 jet hire
CO2 jet hire

The majority of our CO2 Hire packs are accessible for a weeks contract; we can likewise supply the data on the fluid CO2 Cylinders required to run CO2 Jets and Guns.

Major CO2 Jet Hire Kits 

  • 2 x ForceFX CO2 Jets
  • 1 x Mains Firing Controller
  • 2 x 10m Power Cables
  • 2 x 10m Hoses Inc. Container Connectors
  • 2x Base Plates or Truss Clamps

7 Essential Specification of CO2 Jet

  1. Manufacturer: Magic FX
  2. Dimensions (LxWxH): 13x8x13cm, yield pipe 20.5cm
  3. Weight: 3.5kg
  4. Voltage: 230V AC/50Hz
  5. Power: 20W
  6. Control: 230V on/off switch or DMX by Switch Pack
  7. Output: 8m